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19th Century Willow China Platter

Product Description

A beautifully appointed and excellently antique 19th Century Blue and White Willow China Platter. This oval-shaped platter features intricately painted blue details featuring nature, traditional patterns and structures in an Asian-style of artistry. The bottom of the piece features “Ye Olde Willow”. Elegant and refined, this beautiful platter embodies the sheer intricacies and unique art of Asian culture and dates back to the 1800s. The culturally traditional artwork shown on this platter evoke an antique feel and allows for this delicate platter to be appreciated in a China cabinet or as a tabletop accent. No matter its use, this stunning blue and white platter makes for a truly unique appointment to your home.


15” W x 11.5” D x 2” H

$164.00 $255.00

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