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Rare 18th Century Amber Trade Beads

Product Description

We’re absolutely enamored with these rare old amber beads, and want to spread the love right to you. Marvel at these rare amber beads, circa the late 18th/early 19th century. These beautiful amber vaseline trade beads measure in at 0.5” in diameter, and are set upon a 9” leather strand and wrap elegantly to a coral glass bead that holds the delicate strand together. 

Amber beads are few and far between from this era, and we are blown away by the sheer beauty and elegant hue of the amazing amber. This strand is an amazing accessory or collector’s item, or could even be used as a decor accent for your home. What you choose to do with the beads is up to you, but this marvelous strand is looking for a new home and we know you would be perfect to add to the striking beauty of these rare amber beads.

9” L x 0.5” Dia

$98.00 $200.00

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